Handling 1099 Requests

Form  1099 is actually a series of documents for reporting various types of income other than salary. For payroll purposes, Form 1099  is commonly used to report amounts paid to independent contractors, but can be used to pay employees in some situations. 

Employers must provide a Form 1099 to every independent contractor that is paid more than $600 in a calendar year. 
One Form 1099 must be prepared and sent, by January 31st, to each independent contractor paid by a company. 

Administrators who have chosen to have Zenefits generate Form 1099  for contractors can review each contractor's documents by taking one of the following paths, depending on which type of Zenefits plan you have. If you have the Contractors application on your Zenefits dashboard:
  1. Click on the Contractors app, then View Contractors, and finally the contractor's name. 
  2. The Documents section on each contractor's page will contain a link to any 1099s for that Zenefits has generated for the contractor.
If you do not have the Contractors application on your Zenefits dashboard:
  1. Click on the Payroll app, then People, then Contractors.
  2. Click Show Details next to the contractor's name, then Previous Year.
  3. Click the edit icon to make changes and Save when finished.
Contractors who need a copy of their Form 1099  can take the following steps:
  1. Log in to your Zenefits account.
  2. Click on Documents.
  3. Find the corresponding year of 1099  you need, and download.

Requests for Paper 1099In the event that a contractor reaches out to Zenefits Support for a paper copy of their 1099 form, they can download and print the 1099 from the Documents section of their dashboard. If they are unable to do so, they will need to reach out to their company admin -- it is their responsibility to print and mail the 1099  form to the contractor.

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