Editing Employment and Compensation Details

This guide contains instructions and tips for making changes to employees' employment type, work location, compensation, and other employment details.

How do I Edit Worker Information in Bulk?

Administrators can bulk edit worker information through the Bulk Update Spreadsheet tool. Associates can view the this information from the Bulk Upload Data from Console. ... Learn more

How do I change someone from full-time or part-time status?

Zenefits allows administrators to change employment type from part time to full time, or full time to part time/temporary. Managers can submit requests to change employment type... Learn more

How do I update compensation type or rate?

Administrators and managers can update an employee's compensation type (salary or hourly) or rate from the employee's profile located in the Directory app. Once you've sele... Learn more

How do I update work location?

When a US-based individual moves work locations (e.g., when moving to a different office, or to another state), their work location should be updated. Changes to a work lo... Learn more

How do I move someone between international and domestic work locations?

Because the features that Zenefits provides to workers with US work locations differ from those with international locations, Zenefits currently does not provide the ability to ... Learn more

How do I update the Work or Resident Tax State?

Zenefits asks for state tax information from workers based on the states of their home address and work location. To make edits to a tax state after onboarding is complete (e.g.... Learn more

How do I edit the hire date?

You can edit a hire date in your administrator dashboard. To do this, please follow the steps below:Select the Directory appClick on the person's nameSelect "Edit Worker Info" u... Learn more

How do I change a start date?

You can change the start date through the Directory app. However, the process will differ depending on whether or not the worker has completed the onboarding process. If the hav... Learn more

How can I change a worker's end date?

You can update the End Date field for your contingent workers in their profile.Log into your Zenefits admin account.Locate the person under Workers, or in the Directory app.Once... Learn more

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