Managing Employee Information in Zenefits

This guide covers the different ways an administrator can use Zenefits to manage employee information.

Updating Employee Basic Information

Zenefits is your company’s HR system of record. Zenefits will not directly change or update employee information on behalf of our customers. As an employee, you are responsible ... Learn more

Employee Profile Deleted in Zenefits

Once an employee is hired and entered into the Zenefits system, they have thirty days from the date of their profile's creation date to complete their offer. If the employee doe... Learn more

Who can see employees' sensitive information?

Administrators who don't have the permission to View sensitive employee information cannot hire or pay contractors, see the following information for any specific employee, or a... Learn more

Separating Work and Personal Emails

Currently there is no way to customize the types of email that administrators or employees receive. Any email that is put into the Work Email field, will generate company level ... Learn more

Viewing Remaining Employee Onboarding Items

If an employee is currently onboarding in Zenefits, administrators can view the steps that the employee has yet to complete. Click the Hiring App. Select the 'i' icon next ... Learn more

How can I view subordinates' compensation information?

If a manager wants to view compensation information for one of their subordinates, they'll need to have an administrator set up the appropriate permissions for them. Log... Learn more

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Disclosure

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of genetic information. A covered entity may not request, require, or purchase genetic... Learn more

How is variable compensation information displayed?

As an administratorTo view the compensation details for a worker who has a variable compensation type (bonus, commission, owner's draw), click into the Employment & Compensation... Learn more

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