Full Company Administrator Permissions

This role has access to all Payroll, Benefits, HR, Integrations, Time, and Contractors permissions.

The Full Company Admin has access to all core permissions, some of these being optional.

  • Edit Company Profile: if the user does not have this permission, the Company Profile app will not appear on the dashboard.
  • Add / Remove Admins: if the user does not have this permission, they will not be able to add or remove admins in the Company Profile > Administrators section. 

The following permission list will vary, depending on what your company uses Zenefits for.

  • View basic staff info
  • View sensitive worker info (e.g., SSN, pay)
  • Hire and terminate individuals, and edit info
  • Can complete I-9 Form
  • Run payroll
  • Hire and terminate contractors*
  • Manage contractor payments*
  • Add apps to your account
  • Manage integrated apps
  • Create custom integrations
  • Create time off policies
  • Approve PTO requests
  • Create leave of absence policies (optional)
  • Add, edit, and approve leave of absence requests (optional)
  • View, upload, and delete sensitive leave related documents (e.g. PHI) (optional)
  • Edit and approve Time & Attendance Hours
  • Submit worked hours to payroll
  • Create/edit schedules in Scheduling
  • View company health plan info
  • Edit employee and company benefits data and manage benefits renewals (optional)
  • Complete tasks and receive notifications related to employee benefits (optional)
  • Serve as the point of contact for employees' benefits questions (optional)
  • Verify employees' qualifying life events (optional)
  • Edit employees' ACA, COBRA, deductions, and Flex Ben info
*These permissions only apply to people in the Contractors App.

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