Getting Started as an Administrator in Zenefits

In Zenefits, a primary administrator may also appoint other administrators for the company. These administrators can be internal (someone already in Zenefits) or external (e.g., an accountant). Unlike managers who submit requests for approval, administrators can directly make changes to staff information, initiate new hires, or terminate.

The three levels of administrator

An administrator can be classified as:

  • Primary Administrator: has all permissions and visibility and total control of the company's account. Their account cannot be removed or edited by anyone else in the company. If the primary administrator leaves the company or switches roles, they must change the primary administrator to someone using the Change link in the Administrators tab of the Company Profile app.
  • Employee (Internal) Administrator: Someone employed by the company who has been granted administrator permissions by the Primary Administrator.
  • External Administrator: Someone who is not employed by the company who has been granted access to their account (i.e. an accountant or benefits liaison).

Administrator roles in Zenefits

There are several different roles of administrators:

  • Company: Has full permissions and can manage all aspects of your account
  • Payroll: Runs your company's payroll
  • Benefits: Manages your company's health benefits and enrollment info
  • HR: Oversees HR records, and handles hiring and terminations
  • Integrations: Adds apps and customer integration, and manages integrated apps.
  • Contractors: Hires and terminates contractors, and manages contractor payments.*
    *These apply only to people in the Contractors app
  • Time: Regulates employee hours and time off policies.

Administrator permissions 

These roles each come with their own set of permissions. Depending on the role selected, you may or may not be able to customize their permissions. For example, someone set up as a Payroll admin will have the following permissions by default:
  • View basic staff info
  • View sensitive worker info (e.g., SSN, pay)
  • Hire and terminate individuals and edit info
  • Run payroll
So, anyone given the Payroll admin role will always be able to view sensitive information. This permission cannot be removed from an admin in this role.

Visibility of administrators

Additionally, you'll select the group of people that the administrator will have these permissions for: 
  • Everyone (in the company)
  • Everyone in their department
  • Everyone at their work location

For example, an administrator in the Engineering Department has permissions to Hire and terminate, edit profiles, and View sensitive information for all staff in the Engineering Department. This administrator will be able to hire for the Engineering department, and view and edit salaries for any current staff in the Engineering Department. They would not, however, be able to hire, view, or edit staff information if they are assigned to the HR Department.

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