How to use Leave of Absence in Zenefits

Zenefits allows you to create a Leave of Absence policy just as you would any tracked Time off policy. The Leave of Absence policy will primarily function as a record keeping tool for your company. In order to make changes in ancillary products, such as Zenefits Payroll, Benefits Administration, and Time Off, utilize the guide below.

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How to Set Up a Leave Policy

In order to set up a leave policy in Zenefits, you'll need to be a Full Company Administrator with the permission to Create leave of absence policies. Only these administrators ... Learn more

How to Put Someone on Leave

Please note that there are currently no approval chains when entering a leave of absence into the system. Unlike a time off request, the leave information is entered as valid in... Learn more

How to Update Leave of Absence Details

Once you've set someone up on a leave, you can use the following instructions to edit or update the previously entered leave details.Return to the Leave of Absence section of th... Learn more

Leave of Absence & PTO Balances

Companies with a semimonthly, biweekly, or weekly accrual schedule, follow these steps in order to stop workers from accruing PTO during their leave:From the main dashboard, cli... Learn more

Leave of Absence & Payroll

Zenefits Payroll If you use Zenefits Payroll, any workers marked as being On Leave using the Leave of Absence tool, will be highlighted for you in pay runs. If you’ll be paying ... Learn more

Leave of Absence & Benefits

Note: You must first have set up a leave policy and put someone on leave. If you aren't using Zenefits Leave of Absence tool, these instructions will not apply.Only company admi... Learn more

Custom Emails for Leave Of Absence

Once you've set up a leave policy and put workers on a leave of absence in the system, other administrators will be able to view the details and documents you included in the se... Learn more

Email Notifications for Leaves of Absence

Email notifications will be sent to the employee involved as well as to any applicable administrator and manager.When a leave request is submittedIf dates of the leave are chang... Learn more

How to Remove Someone From a Leave

If the Actual Dates of the leave are filled in on the worker's profile, then the worker will automatically be taken off leave after the end date entered. If you also use Zenefit... Learn more

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