How to Put Someone on Leave

Please note that there are currently no approval chains when entering a leave of absence into the system. Unlike a time off request, the leave information is entered as valid into the system without having to go through an approval process.
  1. From your Zenefits administrator dashboard, open the Time Off app.
  2. Open the Requests tab and click Leave of Absence.
  3. Click the Add Leave button in the right corner.
  4. Enter the worker’s name and choose whether the leave will be continuous or intermittent.
  5. Enter the estimated date range for the leave (you can come back in and add the actual dates once they’re solidified).
  6. Note that in order to send leave information in a custom email, you’ll need to enter in both actual and estimated leave dates.
  7. Add in other key dates if desired.
  8. Choose a Policy, then select a Leave Reason.
  9. Choose how you'd like to handle the employee's share of their premium. If benefits are to be changed, you can do so using these steps.
  10. Upload any required documents.
  11. Enter any additional information in the Notes section as desired; other administrators with permissions will have access to view this section.
  12. Review information on the Summary page and Save.
Once the leave is entered into the system by an administrator, it is immediately recorded. It does not go through an approver chain like a time off request would. If you’d like to communicate any leave details with others in the company, such as your broker or accountant, you can send a custom email.

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