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How to Set Up a Leave Policy

In order to set up a leave policy in Zenefits, you'll need to be a Full Company Administrator with the permission to Create leave of absence policies. Only these administrators will have access to set up a leave by default. However, a company administrator can grant another administrator permission to set up a leave policy from the Permissions section of the Company Profile.

  1. From your Zenefits administrator dashboard, open the Time Off app.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click the +Add Policy link.
  4. Select Leave of Absence (LOA).
  5. Add the name of the leave policy.
  6. Add Leave Reasons (e.g. medical leave, parental leave).
  7. Determine if time off accrual will continue during the leave.
  8. Notate any earnings to be received during the leave. If you have Zenefits Payroll, we’ll remind you of who is on leave in the Pay Run, but you’ll still need to make any adjustments manually.
  9. If you need to contact your broker about benefits for a leave, you can create a custom email using leave of absence related fields.
  10. Add any documentation to be collected when someone goes on leave. 
  11. If any of the documents will contain Protected Health Information (PHI), make sure you mark this so that only admins with proper permissions can view.
  12. If the information on the Summary page looks accurate, you can click Create Policy.

Keep in mind that creating a leave policy that adheres to federal guidelines like FMLA is the administrator’s responsibility. Learn More about Zenefits Advisory Services.

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