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How do I terminate an employee in Zenefits?

Termination in Zenefits is a record-keeping action that moves the individual from active status and triggers necessary changes, such as cancellation of benefits or removal from payroll. Here's an overview of the termination process in Zenefits.

Initiating the Termination Process

The termination process can be started by navigating to the Directory. Once you've selected the person you wish to terminate, you can complete the termination by selecting Terminate from the right-side drop-down menu, and following the prompts.

All details can be reviewed before the termination is finalized. If at any point the termination process needs to be canceled, click the Cancel Termination button at the top-right  of the screen.

Completing the Termination Process
  1. Basic Information: Provide information around the termination, including last day of work, type of termination, and the reason for the termination.
  2. Benefits & COBRA: Depending on their benefit status, the administrator will be asked how they wish to handle COBRA administration.
  3. Payroll: Depending on the company's payroll options, the administrator will be asked how to handle their status in payroll.
  4. Email: Provide their personal email address to receive any information after the termination date.

    Zenefits does not send a termination email to the terminated worker.

  5. Review: The administrator can review the termination options and make the necessary updates. To finalize the termination, the administrator must enter the name of the worker in all caps.
  6. Next Steps: Administrators are provided additional resources on other action items to complete outside of Zenefits.

If a termination has been completed in error, please contact Support

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