Learn About Engagement

With Zenefits Employee Engagement Surveys, people teams can easily drive actions from insights to boost employee sentiment and morale. The workplace is ever changing, and with remote work on the rise, it can be hard to gauge how your workers are feeling. That's where Zenefits'  engagement surveys can help. There’s no need to train yourself or your employees on a brand new tool to measure their engagement- simply choose a survey and launch it within Zenefits.

How do I set up a survey?

Customizable TemplatesWe recommend that you read through the different survey templates offered and familiarize yourself with the questions being asked. Analyze which of these m... Learn more

How are Engagement Surveys communicated?

Engagement surveys, once created, trigger a series of email notifications to the respondents. Respondents will only continue to receive the system generated reminders if they ha... Learn more

Why is Engagement important?

Engagement may seem like something for companies who are far more developed than yours- after all, who has time to mess around with surveys and culture?Actually, that couldn't b... Learn more

How do I edit or extend a survey?

After you've created a survey, you can take the following steps to edit the name, description, or survey period.Open the Engagement app and click the Surveys tab.Next to the sur... Learn more

How do I respond to a survey?

If you're included as a respondent of an Engagement survey, you'll receive an email notification on the survey's start date inviting you to participate. Once the survey has star... Learn more

How can I share the survey results?

Once a survey period is over, admins with access will be able to view the Engagement Results page. In the upper corner of the Results page, you'll have the option to Share Resul... Learn more

How does anonymity in Engagement work?

All survey responses are 100% anonymous. There is no option for administrators to be able to see who submitted responses to an engagement survey. This is by design, as it's impo... Learn more

How do I create a custom engagement survey from scratch?

From the Engagement app, create a survey.Enter a name, description, and time frame for the survey.Choose the respondents that will participate in the survey.As you create questi... Learn more

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