How do I set up a survey?

Customizable Templates
We recommend that you read through the different survey templates offered and familiarize yourself with the questions being asked. Analyze which of these might work for your company. You'll have the option to add your own custom questions, as well as hide any questions in the template that don't have a direct impact on the calculation of the survey score. You also have the choice to create a completely customized template, but note that it may not be backed by industry leading engagement practices.

Name & Schedule
Determine what the best name for the survey will be. You should choose something that both you and the respondents of the survey can easily understand and recognize. At this step, you can also add a description of the survey, which may be helpful to provide some guidance to workers who aren't familiar with surveys. In this step, you'll also select the Survey Period, which is the duration of time the survey will be active. We recommend a fairly short window of time; when the duration is too long, your workers may procrastinate taking it and forget.

You’ll have control over who participates in the survey, so that may mean different groups of respondents depending on what survey you’re launching. All responses are always anonymous, no matter what kind of survey. Administrators and managers will only be able to see the anonymized, aggregated, responses without any identifying information.

In this step, you can add, hide, or edit questions within the the template you selected. Any questions that cannot be hidden will have a lock next to the them. These questions are required for calculating the engagement survey score. You can hide questions that you don't want to use in the survey by clicking the eye. Note that the rating scale you choose for the respondents will affect the way the survey score is calculated. At this time, answers can only have either a text box or rating scale, not both.

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