Can I enroll or make changes to my FSA after experiencing a QLE?

If you've gone through a qualifying life event (QLE) and would like to enroll in an FSA, contact Support within 30 days of the event and provide:

  • Written (email) confirmation of the desired contribution amount.
  • The desired type of FSA (Health Care and/ or Child & Elderly Care FSA).
  • The date of the QLE.
Please note that FSA QLE requests must be submitted by the employee; no requests coming from company administrators will be permitted.

Changes to an FSA due to a QLE will take effect the first of the month following the event date. If the QLE is due to the birth of a child, then the effective date of the change will be the first of the month in which the event took place. Please note that the employee's annual election will be split between the number of pay periods  between the effective date and the FSA renewal. Therefore, deductions might be higher than expected.

FSA contribution changes due to a QLE must reflect the nature of the event. For example:

Acceptable Changes

If an employee's dependent turns 26, it would be acceptable for the employee to decrease their FSA contribution to reflect the loss of a dependent.

If an employee adopt a baby, they may want to increase their elections to accommodate the new medical expenses and/or day care costs for the new family addition.

If an employee gets married, they may want to increase their elections to accommodate the new medical expenses for their spouse.

If an employee's spouse loses their job (and therefore loses coverage), it would be acceptable for the enrollee to increase their FSA contribution (or sign up for the first time).

Unacceptable Changes

An employee wants to reduce their Child & Elderly Care FSA contributions after the birth of a child. Though birth is a QLE, the reduction is not consistent with the QLE.

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