What are the Next Steps After Completing Company FSA Setup?

When you complete setup for a new company FSA, Zenefits will process the application, email you to let you know you're all set, and email your employees to let them know they can enroll in their own FSAs. Follow these next steps to prepare for the start of your plan.

Preparing your payroll for FSA deductions

If you use Zenefits Pay Connect with your payroll, do the following before your FSA plan starts:

  1. Create FSA deduction descriptions (also called "codes") in your payroll account. If you're not sure how to do this within your payroll provider's system, reach out to them for further assistance. If you already have codes with prior FSA deduction amounts, make sure to zero these amounts out.
  2. Use the Deduction Mapping Tool to map your FSA deduction codes to Zenefits. Learn more about mapping deduction codes.

If you have Payroll Reports or Zenefits Payroll, you're all set!

Preparing to manage your FSA

To get started with managing your company's FSA plan, see this guide to Managing a Company FSA with Zenefits.

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