Company FSAs

Here's some helpful information to help you understand more about Company FSAs in Zenefits.

What is Compliance Testing for FSAs?

Compliance testing (also known as non-discrimination testing) ensures that a company's Medical or Dependent Care FSA treat all employees equally, and do not favor key or highly-... Learn more

Employer Fees for FSAs

Zenefits charges companies a base annual servicing fee of $150 for the plan year and a monthly fee per employee enrolled in a Medical and/or Dependent Care FSA. The two contract... Learn more

Key and Highly Compensated Employees and FSA Plans

Non-discrimination testing (also known as compliance testing) examines the contributions of Key and Highly-Compensated Employees to determine whether all employees are treated e... Learn more

Limits on Employer Contributions to Dependent Care FSAs

Employers can also choose to contribute to employees' Dependent Care FSAs. However, the combined employer and employee contributions cannot exceed the IRS limits (the maximum an... Learn more

Limits on Employer Contributions to Health Care FSAs

Employers can also choose to contribute to employees' Health Care FSAs and match up to a maximum of $3050  in 2023, for a maximum of $6100 in combined annual contributions. Sin... Learn more

What are the tax advantages of offering FSAs to my employees?

Employees' taxable income is reduced by their FSA contributions, so employers pay less in Medicare and Social Security taxes (together, FICA taxes). Higher enrollment rates mean... Learn more

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