What is an LPFSA?

A limited purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) allows eligible employees to set aside pre-tax money via payroll deductions into a tax-free account and use this money to pay for eligible out of pocket Dental and Vision expenses. 

Zenefits offers two types of FSAs

  1. Limited Purpose FSAs pay for out-of-pocket Dental and Vision expenses (e.g., contact lenses, contact lens solution, Orthodontics and other LPFSA Eligible Expenses) not covered by insurance.
  2. Child & Elderly Care FSAs pay for the care of a dependent child or adult so that employees can work or look for work (Learn More). 
Employees can enroll in one or both types simultaneously in Zenefits. See this page for a comparison of the primary differences between Health Care and Child & Elderly Care FSAs. The only eligibility requirement for FSA is that the employee is offered benefits. They do not have to enroll in benefits, but the company just needs to offer medical benefits to the employee.

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