What happens to my LPFSA funds when my plan ends?

What happens to your funds depends on the “end type” of your company’s LPFSA plan: 
  • Up to a $500 Carryover: If your company offers an LPFSA again next year, you’ll be able to carry over up to $500of unused funds from your current LPFSA. Note that this rollover is limited only to Health Care FSAs (Limited/Full Purpose). The employer is able to designate any amount up to $500 to be rolled over.
  • Use-or-Lose: You’ll lose any funds left in your FSA after your current plan ends. 
You can see your LPFSA plan’s end type in your Flexible Spending Account app. Simply click on the app from your dashboard and look for one of the above end types under Benefits Summary.
Regardless of your plan’s end type, you’ll have a 90-day runout period after your FSA ends, which allows you to submit claims for any expenses you incurred during your LPFSA plan period.

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