Managing a Company FSA Plan With Zenefits

This guide will help you manage your company's FSA plan after setup and up to renewal at the end of the plan year.

FSA Billing Process

Employees elect their annual FSA contribution at the beginning of the plan year.  This annual contribution amount is broken down over 24 pay periods and the elected amounts will... Learn more

How Do I Renew my Company's FSA Plan?

In order to continue offering employees Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), administrators must renew their FSA plan near the end of their plan year. The renewal must be complete... Learn more

How do companies roll over a previous FSA to Zenefits?

Here's how to roll over an existing company FSA plan from another provider to Zenefits. The new FSA plan will always begin on the 1st of the month. Some companies may wish to im... Learn more

What information can I find in my FSA employer dashboard?

The FSA App in the admin dashboard can be utilized by admins to view enrolled employees, balances, plan end types, among many other features. All of the features are listed belo... Learn more

How do I view my employee's FSA balance?

Zenefits makes it easy for admins to manage employee's enrollment and balances. From the Zenefits Flexible Spending dashboard app, the Enrollment & Balances tab will display all... Learn more

Can Zenefits take over our FSA mid year?

All mid-year takeovers should follow the same timeline as a new group signing up for an FSA. You must sign up by the 15th of the month in order to have a first of the next month... Learn more

New California Law for FSA

California recently enacted Assembly Bill No .1554, which requires an employer to notify employees of any deadline to withdraw funds from a flexible spending account (FSA) befor... Learn more

FSA Mid-Year Takeovers with Zenefits

The FSA takeover process is a completely manual by the specialist team. All mid-year takeovers should follow the same timeline as a new group signing up for an FSA. The group mu... Learn more

Flexben Rollovers vs Takeovers

RolloverTakeover A company's flex benefit plan has ended with their previous provider at the normal scheduled time (i.e. NOT an early cancellation). Zenefits will administer ... Learn more

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