When can employees enroll in their company's FSA plan?

Employees have four opportunities to enroll in the company FSA plan: within 30 days of hire date or a qualifying life event (QLE), during the company's Initial Enrollment period (when the plan is set up), and during FSA Open Enrollment. Start dates for a new individual FSA plan differs for each of these opportunities.

Employees cannot use FSA funds (either using the Zenefits Card, or by submitting a claim) prior to the FSA's start date.

What is the FSA Start Date for New Hires?

When a new employee with a mid-month hire date enrolls in an FSA within 30 days of that date, their FSA will start on the first of the month following their hire date. New hires... Learn more

What are the FSA Start Dates After Initial or Open Enrollment?

Depending on when their employer actually completes Initial or Open Enrollment, this enrollment period can be as short as 10 days (for employer enrollment by the 15th) and as lo... Learn more

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