What are the FSA Start Dates After Initial or Open Enrollment?

Depending on when their employer actually completes Initial or Open Enrollment, this enrollment period can be as short as 10 days (for employer enrollment by the 15th) and as long as 25 days (employer enrollment by the 1st of the month).

For example, assume an employer completes setup for the company FSA plan on the 10th of April:

  • The company's plan starts on the 1st of May.
  • Employees have 15 days from the 10th to enroll for a start date of May 1st.
    • One employee enrolls in an FSA on the 17th. Their FSA starts on May 1st
    • Another employee enrolls on the 26th. Their FSA starts on June 1st.

FSA Open Enrollment does not necessarily coincide with Insurance Open Enrollment.

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