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Basic Info

Below is a chart that details what exactly is considered "basic information" for an admin in Zenefits, as well as breaking down which Zenefits fields can be viewed based on user level.


  Coworkers Manager Admin
(cannot view sensitive)
(can view sensitive)
Main Admin
Preferred Name X X X X X
Legal Name     X X X
Legal Gender     X X X
Personal Pronouns X X X X X
Date of Birth   X X X X
SSN       X X
Phone Number X (if selected) X X X X
Email X X X X X
Home Address   X X X
Emergency Contacts   X X X X
Job Title X X X X X
Department X X X X X
Work Location X X X X X
Employment Type   X X X X
Manager X X X X X
EEO     X X X
Tax Info     X X X
Salary   Permission dependent   X X
Bank Account       X X
Payment Method     X X X
I-9 Form     X X X
Benefits Info         X
Payroll Info         X
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