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Completing the Payroll Application

  1. Company administrators can start the application by clicking on the Payroll app on their dashboard and selecting Get Started.
  2. Answer the questions that appear, including:
    • Whether you've paid employees in the current year
    • Who your current payroll provider is (if applicable)
    • Whether your employees receive either cash tips or pay for clergy
  3. Click Enroll Now.
  4. Next, you’ll be taken to an overview of the steps for completing the application. Each time a section is completed, you will be brought back to this page to see your progress.
  5. Click Start and enter the Company Name, Trade Name/Doing Business As (if applicable), Legal Name, and NAICS Code. Then, click Next.
  6. You’ll be brought back to the overview page. Click Continue to start adding employees to payroll.
  7. Select Add Employee and enter the employee’s information you're prompted to provide. When you're done, click Save.
    • You will need to add at least one employee in order to complete the application. Repeat step 7 to add all of your employees, or if you prefer, upload them in bulk later in the application process.
  8. Select Continue to designate your company’s signatory for payroll. You can select either yourself or another employee of the company. Enter the requested information for the signatory, then click Continue.

9. You’ll be brought back to the overview page. Click Continue to verify your bank account.
10. Select Begin Verification.
11. Choose how you want to verify your bank account and select Continue.


  1. Follow the prompts for verifying your bank account.
    • If you select Instant Verification, you will need to provide your username and password for your bank.
    • If you select Manual Verification, you will need to provide the routing and account number. Once you've received test deposits from Zenefits Payroll in the bank account you've provided, enter the amounts that Zenefits Payroll deposited within the Billing & Payments section of the Company Profile to verify your account.
  2. Upload a voided business check and select Submit.
  3. You’ ll be brought back to the overview page. Click Continue to enter your desired start date.
  4. Select your desired start date and then click Save & Continue.
  5. You’ll be brought back to the overview page. Click Continue to complete the application and review next steps.
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