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Update the Main Company Administrator

If the existing Main Company Administrator needs to replace themselves, they're able to do so directly on their dashboard. Any administrator with the permissions to add or edit administrators may also transfer Main Company Administrator permissions.

1. Click on the Company Profile app on your admin dashboard.
2. On the Administrators page, next to Primary Administrator, click Change.
3. Select whether the admin you’re adding is a current employee and/or an administrator at your company.

  • If the admin is an employee, select the employee you’re granting this permission to.
  • If the admin does not work at your company, enter their first name, last name, and email address.
4. Type CONFIRM.
5. Click Transfer Permissions.


Once you have transferred permissions, the new administrator will receive an email and be prompted to update their signature for any HR and Benefits related documents.  If your company has benefits with us, we will ask you to reach out to your broker and update the administrator with them as well.

Note:  You’ll remain an admin with the same permissions you currently have, but you’ll no longer be the point of contact for your company’s account.

Note: If the current Main Company Administrator is no longer with the company, please reach out to Support to have this updated.


  • This request will need to come from an employee with appropriate legal access to HR data (CEO, President, Executive/Managing Director, etc).


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