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Add multiple approvers for a single request

Depending on how a company has set up their approvals structure, a single request may require approval from multiple approvers. In this case, all approvers must approve the request for the change to take effect. If a single approver declines, the request will be declined.


  1. Select Directory from your dashboard.
  2. Click Approvers Settings.
  3. Click Add new approval.
  4. Select the type of requests the approval will apply to (from New Hires, Transfers, Salary Changes, Terminations).
  5. Choose who the approver will receive requests from (Departments, Work Locations, Managers).
  6. Then, set the approval change by choosing your approvers.
  7. Add new tier to create a multi-tiered approver setting.
  8. Save Changes


  • If the approvals structure is tiered, the request must be approved by all approvers in one tier before it is sent for review by the approvers in the next tier.
  • If the approvals structure is parallel (multiple approvers at the same level), all approvers for that request must approve before it takes effect.

For example:

  • If Charles Dickens (the company's Director of HR) is an approver for all requests from the company's San Francisco location, and Oliver Twist (Director of Marketing) is an approver for all requests from the Marketing department, a hiring request from a marketing manager in San Francisco will go to both and will require both of their approvals.
  • The same company has a tiered approval structure. Mr. Dickens and Mr. Twist are approvers in the first tier, and Mr. Scrooge (the CEO) is an approver in the second tier. At this (small) company, hiring requests for the marketing department require approval by HR, Marketing, and the CEO. Thus, once the request is approved by Mr. Dickens and Mr. Twist, the request will be forwarded to Mr. Scrooge for final approval.
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