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Admin Guide for Managers in Zenefit

Zenefits for Managers helps administrators reduce and streamline their workload and eliminate bottlenecks by providing visibility and control into the delegation of HR tasks. Designated managers can request and approve common HR actions for their subordinates, such as title or salary changes, or department transfers. Administrators can designate approvers to approve or deny a request.


Set up managers and approvers for HR change requests

Managers can make requests, e.g., to make changes for a direct or indirect report, or to hire someone. By default, any employee with at least one direct report in Zenefits is co... Learn more

Employee information visible to managers and approvers

Managers and Approvers have different levels of access to subordinates' information. The amount of information available can be customized from the Permissions tab in the Compan... Learn more

Set what employee information is visible to managers

By default, managers can view basic information about their direct reports, but not sensitive information such as compensation, stock options, and I-9 documentation. Administrat... Learn more

Approval process for HR requests in Zenefits

When a manager makes a request for a subordinate an email is sent out to approvers who are setup to approve that type of request. If no approvers are setup to approve or deny th... Learn more

How can I change or update managers?

Click on the Directory app.Select the Manager you want to update and click their name.Click the Employment and Compensation tab on the left hand side of the screen.Click the Mak... Learn more

Manager Permissions for Compensation Management

The main administrator will always have access to the Compensation Management app and all of its features. Additionally, the main admin can grant access to the Compensation Mana... Learn more

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