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Approval process for HR requests in Zenefits

When a manager makes a request for a subordinate an email is sent out to approvers who are setup to approve that type of request. If no approvers are setup to approve or deny the request, an email will go directly to the primary administrator.

The full details for the request will be within each email.

  • For changes to employee information (like title or department), both the existing value and the new requested value are displayed.
  • For new hires, all of the basic information for that new hire (such as salary, title, location, manager, etc) is shown. For terminations, the termination date, reason for termination, and administrative details like COBRA and unused PTO will be displayed.

The request can be approved or declined simply by clicking the link within the email - changes will automatically be updated in Zenefits and payroll, if synced with Zenefits. For declined requests, a page will load to capture the reason for declining and the requestor will be informed by email.

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