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FAQs About Approving HR Requests in Zenefits

Information approvers can see


An approver's ability to view employee information is limited by their scope of approval, which is defined by two things:

  • by type of requests, e.g., salary changes or new hire information
  • by requesting manager(s), work locations or departments

Approvers will only receive the requests that fall within their scope of authority. For example:

  • Richard Carstone, Director of Finance, is set to receive salary change requests from all managers in the Marketing and Sales departments.
  • John Jarndyce, VP of Sales, is set to receive requests for salary changes and new hires from managers in the Sales department.

Assuming these approver settings:

  • If a manager in Sales makes a request to hire a new employee, Mr. Jarndyce will receive the request, but Mr. Carstone will not.
  • If a manager in Sales makes a request to change an employee's salary, both Mr. Jarndyce and Mr. Carstone will receive the request, and both must approve for the change to take effect.


HR requests that require approval in Zenefits

HR requests in Zenefits are grouped into the following types for the purposes of approvals. Approvers will receive requests based on the types that they have authority to approve.

  • New Hires requests ask for approval to hire a new employee.

  • Terminations requests ask for approval to terminate a current employee.
  • Transfers requests ask for approval to make changes to an employee's employment information, e.g., manager, job title, department and location.
  • Changes to Salary requests ask for approval to change a current employee's salary. These requests can only be made by managers who can view sensitive information.
  • Stock Options requests ask for approval to grant stock options to an employee. These requests can only be made by managers who can view sensitive information.
Deadline for approving requests in Zenefits

Approvers have 7 business days after receiving the initial request email to approve or decline a request.

  • During this period, approvers will receive periodic reminder emails.
  • If 7 business days have passed after the initial request email and an approver hasn’t approved or declined a request, the request will automatically expire.
  • Zenefits will send an email notification about the expired request to the employee and the designated approvers.
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