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Manager Permissions for Compensation Management

The main administrator will always have access to the Compensation Management app and all of its features. Additionally, the main admin can grant access to the Compensation Management app for HR administrators, through the Administrators tab in the Company Profile. You can achieve this through a few different methods: 


  • Select an HR admin Grant HR admin permissions to an existing worker 
  • Create an HR administrator role for someone new 
  • Once you've selected an HR administrator, you'll be given the option to customize their specific Permission. 

The Can access compensation benchmarking data permission will allow them to see salary benchmarking data. Please note that this cannot be selected if an admin doesn't have the View sensitive worker info (e.g., SSN, pay) permission checked, as Compensation Management is exposing pay information. To limit what departments and locations the admin can view compensation benchmarking for, select in the drop-down below the list of permissions.

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