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Review Your Company's Pending Tax Liabilities

Here, confirm who'll pay your pending tax liabilities, the amounts that were collected by your previous provider but not necessarily paid to the tax agencies.

This step is only available once Zenefits Payroll has reviewed your payroll history and checked it against the tax returns you've uploaded. At that point, we'll:

  • Calculate your pending tax liabilities, and
  • Ask you to confirm which amounts Zenefits Payroll should pay.

Why is this step necessary?

Payroll providers usually collect taxes in advance of paying them to tax agencies, and different taxes have different due dates. As a result, when you switch payroll providers, your previous provider may have collected your taxes, but not deposited them yet. You'll need to let Zenefits Payroll know which payments it should make on your behalf.

How do I do this in Zenefits?

After you've run payroll with your previous provider for the last time:

  1. Contact your previous payroll provider to determine which taxes they'll pay and which they'll refund to you. Make a note of the refund amounts.
  2. For each tax on the Pending Tax Liabilities page:
    • If your previous provider is paying the tax, choose $0 from the dropdown.
    • If your previous provider is not paying the tax and refunding you, choose the dollar amount to confirm that Zenefits Payroll should pay it. If your refund doesn't match this amount, contact Support.

Once you confirm the taxes and their amounts and agree to have Zenefits Payroll debit your account, the funds will be withdrawn on the following business day.

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