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How to zero out deduction codes in payroll

When you're mapping deduction codes in payroll to Zenefits, make sure to zero out or remove older codes that are assigned to employees in payroll but not mapped to Zenefits. 


  • In Zenefits: In the Settings section of the Pay Connect app, zero out the deduction under your payroll provider column by picking Select from the drop down and clicking Save.


This way, employees aren't overdeducted or double-deducted. For any employees with two or more deduction codes for a single benefit in payroll:

  • In Gusto: just remove the unmapped benefit from the employee in Gusto, and keep the mapped code assigned to them. Gusto doesn't allow employees to have $0 for both employee deductions and employer contributions for the same benefit. However, removing the benefit from individual employees does not delete it from the company's Gusto account.
  • In Paychex: enter $0 for the existing deduction code that isn't mapped to Zenefits. Alternatively, the unused code can simply be removed from the employee.
  • In ADP Workforce: for employees with two or more deduction codes for the same benefit, simply inactivate the codes that aren't mapped to Zenefits for that benefit.

Learn more about why it's important to zero out older deduction codes in payroll.

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