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Pay Connect Settings

Learn about the setting section in pay connect.

The Settings section is for settings that are specific to Pay Connect, depending on the level of integration or your payroll provider. For customers using Pay Connect Checklist, all settings are optional; however, completing these sections may make updating their payroll system simpler. 

Provider Settings

Where you can update your payroll provider and automation level by selecting the "edit" pencil. Options are Checklist (basic), Sync (with eligible providers) and Exports.

General Settings

Payroll providers will vary when it comes to the additional configuration required to create an export that will be accepted by the payroll system. It is important that each of the general settings be reviewed to ensure the data is correct based on your existing payroll provider.

Notification Settings: Email Frequency - determines how often you will receive email notification and updates. Email Recipients - recipient list generated from company and payroll administrators. If you wish to add additional admins to this list, you’ll need to set them up with Payroll Administrator permission in the Company Profile app.

Pay Schedule

Payroll Admins can view, update and confirm your company pay schedule (CPS) is correct. Pay Connect will support up to 2 different schedules per company profile.

Employee/Position IDs

IDs in Zenefits directly correlate with IDs in payroll to ensure employee information correctly syncs to the right profile. Pay Connect Sync will generally populate these values as part of the setup process


Zenefits syncs deductions to your payroll provider via deduction codes. These codes ensure that your workers are correctly deducted and taxed each paycheck. 

You can map your deductions through the Settings section in the Pay Connect app. You'll need to pair each benefit on the left side to a deduction code in payroll on the right side. You can select the appropriate deduction codes using the drop down menus. 

In order to successfully map the deduction codes, you will need to make sure:

  1. The benefit must be available in Zenefits
  2. The benefits must be assigned to at least 1 employee
  3. The benefits must be set up with your payroll provider

If there are any codes you are no longer using, be sure to remove them. 

When finished, make sure to zero out or remove any previous cods that aren't mapped to Zenefits.

Provider Specific Settings
  1. Cost Centers (Paylocity)
  2. Business Unit (ADP)
  3. Compensation Classes (ADP)
  4. Company Codes (ADP)
  5. Direct Deposit Codes (ADP)
  6. Job Titles (ADP)
  7. Pay Classes (ADP)
  8. Payroll Departments (ADP)
  9. Work Locations (ADP)
Bulk Action

Tool allowing you to bulk complete or ignore tasks in your update checklist view. This only affects manual tasks that are not supported in the Sync or Export integration.

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