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Time & Attendance

When you first click into the Time & Attendance app, you’ll be taken to the setup flow. Here you can choose options that best fit your company’s policies around: 

  • Approving Hours
  • Time Reporting
  • Meal Breaks
  • Overtime & Rounding
  • Paid Holidays
  • Project Codes
  • iPad Timekeeper

For example, you can choose to track hourly workers’ time by having them log in and click “clock in”, “clock out”, etc. This option tracks time in real time, meaning if the worker is early or late, it would track 8:57 or 9:02 rather than 9:00. Alternatively, you can choose to have workers  self-report total hours, meaning they can go in at any time and enter the start and end times for that day’s shift. Another option is to use the iPad Timekeeper, an app similar to the clock in/out option but located on one or more iPad devices in key locations at your office. Regardless of which you choose, changes to timecards cannot be done by the individual worker; all changes need to be approved by the manager in charge of that person's  timecard. 

For more on setting up Time & Attendance, click here.

We have baked a lot of functionality into the Time & Attendance app, and if you’re also using our Zenefits Payroll product, you can choose to have these hours sync automatically to Payroll. Don’t worry--you still have the option to approve/adjust as needed. 

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