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Applicant Tracking Integration Overview

Enjoy the features and benefits of a top applicant tracking system and sync candidate information automatically into Zenefits when hiring candidates.

How it works:

  • 1-Click Import

    • Once deciding upon a candidate, select to have their information imported into Zenefits with the click of a button.

  • Automated Onboarding

    • Within Zenefits, administrators can hire the candidate immediately by selecting them in a from a drop- down list of applicant names.
    • Zenefits will take care of the rest by automatically populating their information from what’s available in our ATS (e.g. Name, Title, Department, Manager, Work Location, Resume).
    • This allows administrators to start new hires with a great experience in minutes.
  • Security & Control
    • Administrators have full control over the specific candidate’s information pulled into Zenefits.
    • Sensitive information is only visible to those with permissions in Zenefits.
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