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Getting Started With Applicant Tracking Systems in Zenefits

Zenefits offers a one-click solution that pulls an applicant's data from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into Zenefits. This allows administrators to hire quickly, effortlessly, and without the need to check multiple systems.

Zenefits has partnered with four leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) — Breezy, Greenhouse, Jazz and Lever. This reduces manual data entry and allows administrators to hire employees directly in Zenefits.

Applicant Tracking Integration Overview

Enjoy the features and benefits of a top applicant tracking system and sync candidate information automatically into Zenefits when hiring candidates. How it works: 1-Cli... Learn more

How do I Add a New Applicant Tracking System in Zenefits?

Applicant tracking systems can now be connected within Zenefits. To get started: Log into the Zenefits dashboardClick Add an App Click Add New on the Applicant Tracking Syste... Learn more

How do I Connect an Existing ATS with Zenefits?

Zenefits'  ATS partners — Breezy, Greenhouse, Jazz, Google Hire, and Lever — make the setup process so easy that it takes less than a minute. Click the links below for step... Learn more

How is Candidate Information Imported into Zenefits?

Once the individual has been moved to the offer stage, Zenefits will bring in the following information: Name Title Department Manager Work Location Resume Learn more

How Does Hiring Candidates with ATS in Zenefits work?

After the ATS integration has been set up and the desired applicant has been made available through the ATS system, then it is time to hire the employee in Zenefits. How to... Learn more

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application designed to help an organization recruit and manage a candidate from applicant to hire. An ATS can be used to:... Learn more

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