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How do I set up Lever ATS?

Zenefits has partnered with Lever to make the ATS Integration setup process simple and quick.

To connect Lever to Zenefits, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into Lever and click the drop-down for Candidates in the upper Left- hand corner.
  2. Click Settings


  1. Click Integrations from the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Click on the toggle for Zenefits


  1. Enter in the Company ID and Secret Key provided in your Zenefits dashboard


  1. Select the contact

In the event that something goes wrong, or information doesn’ t get passed from Lever to Zenefits properly, this person will be our main point of contact.


  1. Select your Offer Setting


If you select Lever Offers:

Candidates are automatically exported to Zenefits when they are marked as hired within Lever. Once you finish hiring in Lever, you can log into Zenefits to add the Employee to your company.

If you select Zenefits Offers:

You can move candidates to the Offer stage in Lever. When you want to hire the candidate, you can log into Zenefits to manage hiring & onboardingNOTE: when you select Zenefits Offers, you are opting out of the Lever Offers features, including Lever's offer approvals and reporting.

  1. Click to verify the connection
  2. The toggle for Zenefits will now appear in green


To find the Company ID and Secret Key

  1. Log into Zenefits
  2. Click Add Existing under the Applicant Tracking System card
  3. Copy and Paste the Company ID and Secret Key
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