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How does Carta integrate with Zenefits?

Carta is the all-in-one equity management platform for private companies, investors, employees, and law firms.

When you integrate Carta with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:

  • Auto-draft option grants when new hires are added.
  • Send termination notices to Carta administrators.
  • Auto-create stakeholders profiles in Carta

Setting up a Carta integration

You can set up your Carta integration by selecting the Add an App option on the main dashboard and then selecting Cartafrom the list. 


You'll need to have administrator permissions on the Carta account you want to link in order to set up the integration. 

You'll also need to grant permissions to Carta for the following items in Zenefits:

  • Company's Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Company's legal name
  • Basic company information
  • Company departments
  • Company locations
  • Employee employment information
  • Employees'  basic information
  • Employees' work departments

Once you've granted these permissions, you'll be taken to the Carta's  site to complete the setup. Once the setup is completed, the green Connected status will appear under the app's icon. 

Using the Carta integration

Once Carta and Zenefits are synced, the Carta app will show up in your main administrator dashboard. You can use it by clicking it and then selecting Manage. In the integration, you'll be able to see which employees are synced in Carta, manage them in Carta through the Manage option, or disconnect Carta from Zenefits through the Disconnect option. 

Connecting Carta to your company offer letter

You can integrate Carta with your company offer letter by going to the Hiring app, selecting Settings, and then choosing the template you would like to edit. You will then need to add the auto-text below to the template:

  • Stock numbers
  • Stock percent
  • Stock vesting  
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