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How does Deputy integrate with Zenefits?

Deputy is a scheduling and time tracking software that allows its users to easily manage their workforce’s time. Now, you can easily export timesheets from your Deputy account straight into Zenefits Payroll.

Best Practices for the Integration

  • Make sure the names of your Earnings/Pay Types in Zenefits match your Deputy Pay Rate Export Code.
  • Make sure that your employees' email address in Deputy matches their Work Email in their Zenefits profile.
  • Ensure the pay rate in the employee's Zenefits profile is accurate.
  • Keep in mind that sick pay and vacation will not sync from Deputy timesheets to Zenefits.

Setting up the Deputy integration from Zenefits

  1. From your Zenefits dashboard, select +Add an App then click Deputy in the App Directory. 
  2. Grant permission for the list of Zenefits fields to be shared with Deputy, and vice versa.
  3. Once you've authorized the systems to share information, you can begin using the integration.

Using the Deputy integration

  1. From your Deputy account, select the  Timesheets  you ’ d like to export to Zenefits Payroll.
  2. Click Export Selected Items.
  3. Select Zenefits Payroll Export from the  dropdown.
  4. Click Sync with Zenefits
  5. Log in to your Zenefits account, then Authorize access for Deputy.
  6. Once the sync has been established, you can send any selected timesheet  to Zenefits Payroll by clicking the Export button.

Note: You must export the  timesheet  from Deputy every pay period. It will not automatically sync from Deputy to Zenefits Payroll.

Does the integration send Sick Leave and Vacation to Zenefits?

No, at this time that information is not transferred from Deputy to Zenefits in the sync.

What are the Pay Rate Export Codes?

Deputy's system uses the Pay Rate Export Codes to map the hours to the Zenefits system. In order for the integration to work, your Deputy Pay Rate Export Codes must match the name of the  Zenefits' Pay Type Earnings.

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