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How does Google Hangout Chats integrate with Zenefits?

The Zenefits Google Hangout Chat Bot helps you manage your employees' time-off requests by allowing them to directly request time-off in Google Hangouts. These requests will automatically be routed to the employee's manager and the data is updated directly in Zenefits once the request is approved. 

Employees may add the bot by following the instructions below: 

  1. Go to www. chat .google. com
  2. Log into your Google Hangouts account
  3. Select "Find people, rooms, bots"
  4. Click on "Zenefits"
  5. Authenticate Zenefits with the link provided
  6. Request your time off from your Google Hangouts  browser

You may ask questions such as: request time off, upcoming time off, help, and hi. These commands will notify the bot. The Google Hangouts Chat bot will also be learning new tricks over time! 

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