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How does Guideline integrate with Zenefits?

Guideline is a full-service 401( k ) helping you and your employees save more for retirement. 100% automated. 0% asset and advisory fees. We’re offering people the 401(k) they deserve. We believe that a 401( k ) should be easy for anyone to set up and even easier for employees to enroll and save. We aim to make smart investing simple. Benefits of this integration:

  • Guideline integrates seamlessly with your Zenefits account.
  • All enrollment, payroll, and 401( k ) contribution data is automatically updated every pay period. No more duplicate data entry!
  • Friction-free onboarding for you and your employees through our modern interface.

For more information on Guideline, please click here.

Setting up a Guideline Integration

You can set up your Guideline integration by selecting the Add an App option on the main dashboard and then by selecting Guideline from the list. You'll need to have administrator permissions on the Guideline account that you want to link in order to set up the integration. 

You'll also need to grant permissions to Guideline for the following items in Zenefits:

  • Company information
  • Employee information
  • Employment information
  • Bank information
  • Payroll information

Once you've granted these permissions, you'll be taken to the Guideline site to complete the setup. Once the setup is completed, Guideline will need to install the app on the Zenefits dashboard. 

Using the Guideline Integration

Once Guideline and Zenefits are synced, the Guideline app will show up in your main administrator dashboard. You can use it by clicking on the app and then selecting Manage. In the integration, you'll be able to see which employees are synced in Guideline, manage them in Guideline through the Manage option, or disconnect Guideline from Zenefits through the Disconnect option. All changes to company plan information, employee enrollments, employee deferrals, and investments will need to be managed directly with Guideline.

When an employee is hired, Zenefits will send the new hire's information to Guideline to create an account. The employee will then have to register directly with the provider to be able to manage their plan information. Any changes to employee information including demographic and employment information will be synced to Guideline. 

All Guideline plans are automatic enrollment and eligibility includes all W-2 waged employees (inclusive of part time and seasonal). This is outlined your Guideline Plan Document, located in the Resource tab of your Guideline dashboard, under the “Your Plan Information” folder.

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