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How does JazzHR integrate with Zenefits?

JazzHR is recruiting software that helps growing companies recruit and retain high-performance teams.

When you integrate JazzHR with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:

  • Quickly import new employees, once a candidate is hired.
  • Transfer employment details.

Setting up the JazzHR integration

You can set up your JazzHR integration by selecting the Add an App option on the main dashboard and then selecting JazzHR from the list. 


You'll need to have administrator permissions on the JazzHR account you want to link in order to set up the integration. 

You will also need to grant permissions to JazzHR for the following items in Zenefits:

  • Employee employment information
  • Employees'  basic information
  • Employees'  employment statuses
  • Types of employees

To complete the sync, you will enter your JazzHR username  and password during the setup.

If you already have a JazzHR account, selecting Connect Existing will take you to the JazzHR login  page. For information about how to connect to Zenefits once you're logged into JazzHR, see the following Zenefits Help Center page: How do I set up JazzHR ATS?

If you don't have a JazzHR account yet, select Sign Up. You can then sign up for a JazzHR account and then follow the instructions listed above to connect your Zenefits account. 

Once the setup is completed, the green Connected status will appear under the  app's  icon. For more information about integrating JazzHR with Zenefits, see the following page on the JazzHR website.

Using the JazzHR integration

Once  and Zenefits are synced, the JazzHR app will show up in your main administrator dashboard. You can use it by clicking it and then selecting Manage. Employees synced through the integration will see the JazzHRapp on their dashboard and it will directly link to the JazzHRwebsite. In the integration, you'll be able to see which employees are synced in JazzHR, manage them in JazzHR through the Manage option, or  disconnect JazzHR from Zenefits through the Disconnect option.

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