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How does Okta integrate with Zenefits?

Okta integration provides the following features:

  • HR as a Master: enables customers to sync chosen fields from Zenefits to Okta.
  • SSO: Single Sign On lets workers sign into Okta and launch Zenefits without having to re-enter credentials.
  • Auto Provisioning: Enables admins to automatically provision accounts in Okta
  • Auto De-Proivisioning: Enables admins to automatically deprovision Okta accounts for Employees who have been Terminated in Zenefits.

Setting Up the Integration

Pre Requisites : Make Sure you have the URL of Okta  and API token from Okta handy.

  1. From your Zenefits admin dashboard, click the Add an App tile at the bottom of your app list.
  2. Click the Okta  tile , then Connect Existing to sync an existing Okta  account or Sign Up to create an Okta  Account. 
  3. Next, choose if you’d like to set up your Okta integration using HR as a Master, SSO*, or both.
  4. Enter the Okta  Credentials as shown below. Make sure to remove https from the Okta base  url.
  5. Select a Zenefits Profile from the left drop down then select EE's you want to connect to Okta from the list .
  6. Authorize Zenefits to pass the EE details to Okta
  7. Choose from the list of Okta  Profile identifier. The default is Work Email and we recommend you to not change this.
  8. Choose the Okta  Schema you have defined in Okta. Okta comes with a default schema which is  prepopulated.
  9. Next, determine if you’d like auto provisioning / de provisioning to be on.
  10. In the next step, choose the fields that needs to synced from the down down and map them accordingly. Make sure the data types of Zenefits and Okta  fields match. E.g. Please dont map phone number (Integer in Zenefits) to Home Phone ( String in Okta)
  11. After that’s complete, you’ll be returned to the dashboard. It will take a few minutes for the sync to happen. On successful sync you can see connection status as "Connected"

*After you've completed the app setup detailed in the instructions above, you’ll need to take some additional steps listed below to configure SSO.

How to Configure SSO with Okta

  1. Open the Okta app from your admin dashboard.
  2. Select the Settings tab and then the Edit icon.
  3. Check that the Okta Single Sign-On is Enabled, and then take the following steps to get the XML code to paste into the Metadata XML box.
  4. Go to your Okta admin account and click Applications.
  5. Select your Zenefits account from the list of Applications.
  6. Click the Sign On tab, then under the SAML configuration section, click on the Identity Provider metadata link.
  7. This will open a page with the XML info. Copy all of the text, then return to the Settings page of your Okta app in Zenefits.
  8. Paste the XML content into the Metadata XML box and Save.

Once you complete these steps, SSO will be instantly enabled for all your workers.

How to Change to HR as a Master or SSO

  1. From your Zenefits admin dashboard, click the Okta app.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. In the Settings page, you can change the Okta setup type.
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