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How does TSheets integrate with Zenefits?

TSheets  is a software system that allows you to easily track time on any device--web, mobile, and kiosk-- to streamline payroll and more. To learn more about TSheets, including pricing, contact them directly here.

Requirements for Use

You may also want to have custom fields set up in the TSheets system, but keep in mind that these will not automatically flow into the Zenefits pay stub.

Setting Up TSheets

Adding an integration with TSheets  can be done directly from your admin dashboard.

  1. Scroll down the bottom of your page, and click +Add an App.
  2. Click on the TSheets card under the Time Tracking section.
  3. If you already have a TSheets account, you'll click the Connect Existing button. Please note that this will give Zenefits permission to view the information listed.
  4. If you don't already have a TSheets account, you can click Sign Up.
  5. You'll be brought to a TSheets page to log in to your TSheets account.
  6. Once you successfully log in, click Allow.
  7. Then, click Authorize to grant the information listed to be viewed by TSheets.
  8. Select the workers you'd like to be synced to TSheets, and ensure that their Zenefits work emails match their email in the TSheets  system .

Once these steps are completed, you'll see the TSheets card available on your dashboard.

Zenefits Payroll Integration

Once your integration has been set up, hourly workers who record time in TSheets will have these hours populate as Earnings in the applicable Pay Run.

  1. Navigate to the Payroll app from your Zenefits admin account.
  2. Open a Pay Run and click on someone listed in the run.
  3. You’ll notice that Earnings populate in the run based on the time recorded in TSheets.
  4. Once the run is in draft, you can then edit and approve the pay run as you normally do!

The information from TSheets will feed over to pay runs in the unapprovable preview state 6 times a day. Once a pay run has moved to draft, information from  TSheets will no longer sync to the run. Remember that you cannot make edits to a pay run until it has moved to the draft status. Learn More.


Q: What if I accidentally delete earnings when I'm editing a draft pay run in Zenefits Payroll? Will it automatically be entered back in from TSheets?
A: No, if you accidentally delete earnings information pulled from TSheets on a draft pay run, you will need to manually add it back. That's because TSheets can only sync information to pay runs that are in an unapprovable preview status.

Q: How can I audit the hours entered into TSheets against what is being shown in Zenefits Payroll?
A: The API set up between TSheets and Zenefits ensures the hours will be directly pulled from TSheets into the specific pay run. If you’d like a report of hours, you can download this from TSheets. Reports in Zenefits Payroll will only contain finalized information once the pay run has been approved.

Q: How soon will hours from TSheets feed into Zenefits Payroll? Do I need to wait for the pay period to close to see hours in the pay run?
A: Hours from TSheets will flow into unapprovable preview pay runs in Zenefits Payroll 6 times a day. You do not need to wait for the pay period to close to view the hours.

Q: Will hours from TSheets only show in regular runs? What if I need to run an off cycle payroll?
A: Yes, hours will only show in regularly scheduled pay runs. You will need to manually enter hours in from TSheets if you are running an off cycle payroll.

Q: What types of Earnings will sync over from TSheets into the pay run?
A: Regular Earnings, 1 .5x Overtime, and Double Overtime will be brought over. If you have any other types of Earnings set up in TSheets, these will need to be entered manually into Zenefits.

Q: Will PTO requests feed over from TSheets?
 A: No, only Zenefits Time Off requests will be brought into the pay run.

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