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Importing Greenhouse Candidates

After the Greenhouse Integration has been set up, applicants can be hired through Zenefits.

In order to have candidate’s information pushed over to Zenefits, they must be made available. You can follow these steps to make a candidate available:

  1. Log into Greenhouse and click Candidates.
  2. Click on the name of the candidate.
  3. On the right-hand side, click Move ‘candidate’s name’ to another stage.
  4. Click Offer
  5. This is how Greenhouse signals to Zenefits which applicant's data to import automatically.
  6. Click Manage Offer next to ‘To be Created’
  7. Click Accepted.
  8. Fill in needed information and click Save.
  9. Click Private near the top of the page and then Export to Zenefits.
  10. This candidate is now available to be onboarded directly in Zenefits. This is done by selecting the employee's name from the dropdown list on the first page on the Hiring process.
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