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What can I do with the mobile app as an administrator or manager?

Time Clock 

  • Admins and managers can approve their workers' time in the mobile app.


  • Users can view their  co-workers'  work number, personal number, work email, and who their manager is. They can also navigate the company org chart. 
  • Admins or managers are not able to create change requests from within the mobile app.

Time Off 

  • Admins and managers can approve or deny time off requests from their mobile app.


  • Users can see and act on their tasks and notifications on the go. 

Pay Stubs  

  • Zenefits Payroll customers can see their current and past pay stubs at any time. 


  • Users can access their medical, dental, vision, and other insurance information any time, anywhere. 
  • Users can view their Summary of Benefits and Coverage for every line of coverage in which they're enrolled.
  • Users will also find contact information for their insurance carrier if they wish to determine their member ID but do not have their insurance card handy.

Flex Accounts 

  • Users can check their commuter, parking and  FSA  balance at any time, use their debit card, or even submit claims directly from their phone in a few taps. 
  • Users are not able to submit any claims directly in the app, this will need to be done in the web browser.


  • Users can consult their most important work documents (offer letter, handbooks, and much more). 


  • Admins can see the status of a new hire's  onboarding, who is set to start work in the weeks to come, and who has started most recently. 
  • If you wish to go through the hiring flow, please note you will be taken to the mobile web browser as this is not currently supported within the app.

Performance Review 

  • If you are a reviewer, you can complete a performance review from anywhere on your mobile device. You can also save it for later or pick up a review started on a desktop. 
  • Admins and managers cannot complete shared feedback on the mobile app.
  • Admins and managers cannot access  one-on-ones, goals, or create a new performance review from the app.
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