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System and Platform Recommendations for Zenefits

Learn about the system and platform recommendations for using Zenefits website.

Zenefits works best on a desktop or a laptop running Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. While Zenefits also works on mobile devices using Safari or Microsoft Edge, you may experience some page load issues in parts of our product.

What if I'm having issues loading a page?
  1. Make sure that whatever browser you're using is the most updated version.
  2. If you're using the most updated version of Safari or Edge but still having issues, you may want to try Chrome or Firefox.
  3. If you're using the most updated version of Chrome or Firefox but still having issues, you may want to try clearing your cache and cookies.
  4. If you're using Chrome and have cleared your cache and cookies and are still having issues, you may want to try clearing your application data.
  5. If you've tried all of the above and are still experiencing issues, please contact us with a screenshot of the full page with JavaScript Console enabled.
iPad, cell phone, or other mobile device

Some functionality - such as electronic signatures for documents - may not display as designed on mobile devices. Please use either a laptop or desktop to complete those actions.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft is no longer actively developing Internet Explorer (IE). Zenefits highly encourages the use of a modern browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Zenefits. We cannot guarantee enrollments made through Internet Explorer or additional browsers will be successful. 


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