Uploading Worker Information through Bulk Update Tool

The easiest way to add your staff information is through a bulk update. You can access the Bulk Update tool in the Directory app.
bulk update

Select if you'll be updating active, set-up (employees who haven't onboarded), or terminated employees. At this time, you cannot bulk update contractor information.

Then, you'll select the details you'll be bulk editing. As a note, we don't recommend bulk updating employment and compensation information, since you can't add an effective date. 

Once you've checked off the details you'll be updating, select Download Spreadsheet.

download bulk update template
Once you download the spreadsheet, it'll open to a cover page with instructions and reminders on what each fields correlate to in Zenefits. To begin editing, click the Employee Info tab.

bulkupdate spreadsheet

Edit any information as needed, then save your work.

Return to the Bulk Update screen, and select Next.

Under Upload Spreadsheet, select Re-Upload to open the File Picker. Drag and drop the saved, updated file. Next, use the Validate Spreadsheet option to fix any errors before progressing.

Once any errors are cleared from the upload, you can finalize the changes.

Note that updating information through the Bulk Update tool will not trigger an email to notify anyone of the changes being made.

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