Payroll Tasks Following Initial Application

Once approved, companies are required to complete a set of tasks, including:
  • Verifying Test Deposits 
  • Uploading a Voided Check or Bank Statement
  • Signing Docs
  • Confirming Worker Information
  • Setting Up Pay Types
  • Providing Tax Docs 
If the company paid anyone in the current year, we require prior payroll history so that we can accurately file taxes and ensure that your transition to our system is as smooth as possible. 

During this time, you will have access to the Implementation Team, who can help guide you through setup.

Verify Test Deposits

It takes up to 3 business days for test deposits to show up in your bank account from the point you initiate them in Step 5 of the Payroll Application. To verify test deposits, ... Learn more

Upload a Voided Check or Bank Statement

For your security, Zenefits uses a two-step bank authentication process. This is the second part, where all companies must upload a voided check or bank statement. If using a ba... Learn more

Sign and Confirm Company Documents

If your company's signatory has not yet signed all of your company forms and documents, that person will need to log in to their Zenefits employee account and sign them there. T... Learn more

Update and Confirm Employee Information

ALL employees paid in the current calendar year (current employees AND terminated employees) must be listed here in this step. For more information, click here.Employees with mi... Learn more

Set Up Pay Types

Pay types let us know how to handle employees' and contingent workers' earnings, reimbursements, contributions, and deductions. Pay types vary depending on company setup and pay... Learn more

Upload Tax Docs and Prior Payroll Reports

Tax DocsWe need information about your tax history for this calendar year so that we can properly calculate taxes for you.Upload the following documents:IRS Forms (also known as... Learn more

Review Your Company's Pending Tax Liabilities

Here, confirm who'll pay your pending tax liabilities, the amounts that were collected by your previous provider but not necessarily paid to the tax agencies.This step is only a... Learn more

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