What is CIP testing for HSA?

What is CIP testing?
Customer Identification Program, or CIP, testing is a United States requirement, where financial institutions need to verify the identity of an employee wishing to conduct financial transactions. Generally, CIPs are looking for name, date of birth, address, and identification number (this information can sometimes be outdated, causing a failure).

What if I fail CIP testing? 
If you fail CIP testing, you will have to verify some extra information with Avidia. Once you provide this information, they can open your account. You may upload the new documentation by logging into Zenefits, clicking on the HSA  app and then clicking on Avidia. You will see action needed on your Avidia homepage. 

Who performs the CIP testing? 
Avidia works with a third party program to perform the testing. 

What should I do if Avidia contacted me about CIP testing? 
Reach out to Avidia to discuss your CIP test results.

Avidia Bank : 1-855-472-9399

We are not able to schedule contributions to the employee's HSA until they verify the information.

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