FAQ About Rehiring in Zenefits

Rehire a terminated worker by following the steps below: 
  1. Click on the Directory app
  2. Select the individual you wish to rehire
  3. From here, you can select “Rehire” in the banner or in the “Actions” drop down.

Note that you cannot rehire until after the termination is processed in the system. So if you terminate someone in the system on 1/1, effective 1/5, you'll need to wait until 1/5 to rehire.

If you rehire someone who is currently enrolled in COBRA coverage, reach out to your COBRA administrator to cancel their COBRA plan.

Yes! You will be given the option to send a new offer letter while you are completing the rehire flow. This option will be presented on the Offer Details step.

Yes, you may edit the employment details when you select the rehire option. You can also send a new offer letter or a new handbook.

You may need to either complete Section 3 Reverification, on the individual's existing I-9, or request a new one, depending on a few different factors. To determine what steps you need to take on the rehired worker's verification, please view this USCIS website for the stipulations. 

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