Configure templates and agreements

Included in this guide is the information needed by employers for setting up and managing the agreements for new hires.

Can I use custom fields for custom documents?

Yes. Employers who have documents that do not fit the Zenefits template model can use the Custom Fields function to request that their staff view and sign documents. Settin... Learn more

How do I use the default offer letter template and agreements?

Zenefits provides a default offer letter and a IP/ Confidentiality Agreement that can be used for both US and International workers. These hiring documents can be set up from th... Learn more

What Auto Text fields can I use in employment agreements?

The following available fields can be used in a custom employment agreement to display dynamic information. Auto Text fields can be used when hiring both employees and contingen... Learn more

What Auto Text fields can I use in offer letters?

The following available fields can be used in a custom offer letter to display dynamic information. Please click here for more information on adding custom offer letters. These ... Learn more

What information isn't supported by Auto Text fields?

This page explains which fields and items not available for templates in Zenefits. Unsupported Dynamic Fields Parent/Guardian Signature Addresses (for offer letters) ... Learn more

What is Auto Text?

You can use Auto Text to personalize your hiring document templates. The Auto Text fields pull the information that is entered in someone's file and displays in the Offer Letter... Learn more

How can I enter job duties in an offer letter?

If you insert the ‘DUTIES’ Auto Text field into your Offer Letter template you will be prompted to enter the recipient's job duties in the Offer Details section of the Hiring pr... Learn more

What auto text fields do workers complete?

Some Auto Text fields will prompt the worker to fill out information including: Prior InventionsPrior Conflicts/AgreementsPrior InformationIf these Auto Text fields are used in ... Learn more

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