How do I configure the hiring process?

Through the hiring and onboarding process in Zenefits, new hires can electronically sign company agreements, enter payroll information, and apply for benefits.

How do I edit custom fields I already created?

Here's how you can edit custom fields you've already created: After logging into Zenefits, click the Hiring app on your admin dashboard. Click on Custom Fields in the menu b... Learn more

How do I add, edit, and remove departments?

You can set up and edit departments through the Company Profile app.Recommended Email Response Copy and paste the below text as part of the Answer section of the email to the c... Learn more

How do I create a custom field for reciprocal tax state certificate of nonresidence?

You can create a custom field to include a Certificate of Nonresidence in the onboarding process for workers that live outside of their work state. This custom field will ask ne... Learn more

How do I create a custom offer letter or agreement?

Administrators can create custom offer letters in Zenefits. Recommended Email Response Copy and paste one the following recommended responses as part of the Answer secti... Learn more

How do I set up custom email messages?

With custom email messages, you can easily create and schedule emails to be sent based on the occurrence of a specific event (e.g., start date). Once a custom email message... Learn more

How do I upload a handbook?

Administrators are able to upload custom handbooks in Zenefits, and then send the handbooks either during hiringĀ or through a Bulk Information Request. Please follow the steps b... Learn more

What permissions are included with custom fields?

When creating a custom field, you may set certain permissions to restrict or allow workers, managers, or other administrators to view the answer.Only admins who aren't restricte... Learn more

What type of answer can I request in a custom field?

You may select a variety of answers for workers to complete with custom fields:Single line text: Allows one line of text for the answerMulti-line text: Allows multiple lines of ... Learn more

What Auto Text fields can I use in custom emails?

The following available fields can be used in custom emails to display dynamic information. Please click here for more information on adding custom emails.Full Name (e.g. John D... Learn more

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